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ACF-South Sudan, C. Duroseau
ACF-South Sudan, C. Duroseau

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Crypto-currencies and the aid industry

November 13, 2014  —  IRIN Global

U.N., U.S. Ask for More Resources to Fight Ebola

November 6, 2014  —  Newsweek

Climate change: Afghans on the front line

November 4, 2014  —  IRIN Asia

Ebola Leads to Food Shortages in West Africa

October 30, 2014  —  Voice of America

Ebola escalation could trigger major food crisis

October 16, 2014  —  Associated Press

Interview with Andrea Tamburini, CEO of Action Against Hunger

October 16, 2014  —  The Wall Street Journal This Morning

Obama praises U.S.-Africa summit as an ‘extraordinary event’

August 6, 2014  —  The Washington Post

Group calls attention to Sudan famine as Obama, African leaders feast

August 5, 2014  —  The Washington Times

Latest Innovations in Cash Transfers

July 31, 2014  —  IRIN Global

[RADIO] South Sudan Anniversary :: Interview with Our CEO

July 7, 2014  —  Voice of America

Mongolia's shantytowns set for redevelopment

July 4, 2014  —  Al Jazeera English

Preventing Malnutrition, One Child at a Time

June 24, 2014  —  The Huffington Post

World Refugee Day: A Reminder of Global Struggle

June 20, 2014  —  Harvard Political Review

NYC Foodies Will LOVE the Duckathlon!

June 10, 2014  —  Budget Travel