Media Mentions

ACF-South Sudan, C. Duroseau
ACF-South Sudan, C. Duroseau

Here you'll find the latest news referencing our organization and experts. Check back often for new stories from here at home and around the world.

Famine Stalks the Sahel

December 19, 2011  —  Agence France Presse

UN urged to draw a line between humanitarian and military work

December 19, 2011  —  The Guardian UK

Can Krill End World Hunger?

December 16, 2011  —  The Daily Beast

Guinea – Evading the Cholera Epidemic

December 12, 2011  —  IRIN News

Chanel Iman unveils ‘first million-dollar perfume bottle’

December 8, 2011  —  New York Daily News

Chanel Iman Guards a Million-Dollar Perfume Bottle in N.Y.C

December 6, 2011  —  People Style Watch

DKNY’s Big Idea on How to Smell Like a Million Bucks

December 5, 2011  —  Wall Street Journal

Climate Change: More than just a word game

December 2, 2011  —  IRIN News

ACF braves Somalia’s lawless south

November 17, 2011  —  Financial Times

Humanitarian aid flown to Dubai for "Action Against Hunger"

November 15, 2011  —  Air Transport News

No Starving Kids in Hunger Charity’s New Ad Campaign

November 15, 2011  —  Chronicle of Philanthropy

First Things First: Prioritizing Efforts to End Deadly Hunger

November 11, 2011  —  The Huffington Post

Political Will a Must to End Child Malnutrition

October 27, 2011  —  Foreign Policy Association

Norwalk energy company launches American Wind

October 18, 2011  —  The Hour—Norwalk

Undernutrition is more than just a health problem

October 17, 2011  —  The Guardian UK