Beats 4 Eats- Part 1

September 17, 2011
Brooklyn, NY

Beats 4 Eats was born in the Summer of ’11 thanks to Le Comptoir’s love of music and their desire to raise awareness about the Famine situation in Somalia and the Horn of Africa. Le Comptoir and Jify Shah (Cameo Gallery) are hosting 4 day-long concerts in Williamsburg! Each one promises to rock our worlds.

September 17th’s musical line-up is comprised of:

DJ Smoke L.E.S. (Recon brand)
Frenchspotting Prod (Faz Dynamik, Gusto, G.Boullard)
Benjamin Deffe (Funk La PLanet)
Reda Briki (Love that fever/Disorient)
Rich Medina

Line-up for September 24th, September 25th, and October 1st to be announced

10% of each ticket sale supports Action Against Hunger | ACF

Date: Saturday September 17th, 2011 from Noon to 9:00PM
Location: 61 North 6th Street, bet. Wythe & Kent Avenues, Brooklyn, NY
Ticket Price: $5 before 4PM, $10 after 4PM

For more information visit Beats4Eats.