World Water Day 2012

World Water Day 2012

Happy World Water Day! This little Ugandan girl celebrates her love of water. Photo: ACF-Uganda, T. Frank

World Water Day is upon us! Every March 22nd we take time to be thankful for the clean water that’s aplenty in our lives, and to remember that this isn’t the case for everyone. Action Against Hunger is proud of the work we do, providing clean water, improved sanitation, and hygiene training to millions of people each year. We’re committed to bringing about positive change because we know how fundamental water is—without it, there’s no food security, preventable diseases thrive, and public health initiatives flounder.

We invite you to learn more about our work to improve global access to clean water and sanitation and especially recommend our Featured Stories, including videos about our successful clean water initiatives in Kenya and Indonesia.

Featured Stories

March 20, 2012
This little Ugandan girl celebrates her love of water. Photo: T. Frank

Chances are you’re reading this post at your desk, a bottle of water in easy arm’s reach. If you’re like us, you sip throughout your day—staying happy, healthy, hydrated. You might take a moment to give your ubiquitous H20 a little extra appreciation because this week, on Thursday, March 22nd, is World Water Day. It’s also a great day to remind ourselves that water is not ubiquitous for everyone. In fact, issues with water—its scarcity or its contamination—present a crisis to some 300 million people in emergency situations every year. ... Read


Support clean water and sanitation around the world.


  • Water & sanitation for 2.9 million people: ACF provided 2.9 million people with improved access to water, sanitation & hygiene in 2010 —400,000 people more than the year before.
  • 350,000 Pakistanis receive post-flood water, sanitation, hygiene services: In the wake of devastating floods, ACF installed water storage tanks, rehabilitated wells and water points, built latrines and promoted hygiene.
  • 190,000 South Sudanese benefit from water, sanitation and hygiene programs: ACF provided a range of lifesaving emergency WASH services in 2011 as the Republic of South Sudan became the world’s newest nation.
  • 120,000 Congolese get clean water, improved sanitation and hygiene: Our teams in the D.R. Congo helped a range of communities with water and sanitation improvements in 2011.
  • 84,000 Ugandans benefit from water, sanitation installations: As people have returned to their ancestral homes in northern Uganda, ACF has assisted thousands with access to safe water and sanitation.

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