Actio Against Hunger staff members work on a farm in Azerbaijan.
Photo: ACF-Azerbaijan
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Malnutrition in Children under 5
2006, UNICEF
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A former member of the Soviet Union, Azerbaijan is still reeling from its 1991 war with neighboring Armenia, known as the Karabakh-Nagomo conflict, which displaced a million Azerbaijanis, 650,000 of whom are still displaced or living as refugees. A full 50% of the Azerbaijani population live below the poverty line, with rural areas particularly affected. Food insecurity is widespread, making undernutrition a significant hurdle to development, as is the persistence of corruption in Azerbaijan, which ranks 150th out of the 190 most corrupt countries in the world, according to Transparency International. In such a corrupt environment, assets like employment, education, health care, clean water and other basic needs are limited and extremely difficult to access.

Helping Azerbaijanis Exercise their Rights

Action Against Hunger has a unique humanitarian mandate in Azerbaijan. We opened our mission there in 2000 to support access to basic rights for vulnerable citizens affected by conflict and poverty. We monitored the peace negotiations with Armenia, and are paying close attention to the impact of policy changes on the displaced population. The main thrust of our efforts centers on providing legal advice and information on land rights and repatriation to those who were displaced or deported.

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