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A farmer in Parguay stands next to his healthy crops.
Photo: ACF-Paraguay
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Like many other Latin American countries, Paraguay struggles with the fact that economic improvements in recent years have had little impact on a large percentage of the population. The country’s rural population suffers from high rates of poverty and frequently lacks the most basic of needs. Extreme inequality is persistent, and so far, public policies have failed to have any impact in reducing these inequalities in the name of development.

Much of Action Against Hunger’s work in Paraguay centers on food security to help rural farmers maintain consistent food supplies for their families. We support the national government with monitoring food insecurity and strengthening public institutions to assist vulnerable communities. Our teams also promote sustainable farming techniques and provide community education on good nutrition and dietary practices.

In recent years, Paraguay has experienced a lack of rain, causing widespread crop losses. Our teams responded by providing emergency water supplies and distributing seeds for staples crops to allow farmers to recover and reinvest in their otherwise productive livelihoods.

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