Action Against Hunger workers rush to provide emergency aid after a hurricane in Nicaragua.
Photo: ACF-Nicaragua
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Malnutrition in Children under 5
2007, UNICEF
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People Helped in 2013: 22,442

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As one of the poorest countries in Central America, Nicaragua is severely lacking in basic Infrastructure with half of the country lacking access to basic sanitation. Nicaraguans are economically vulnerable, with eight out of ten people living on less than $2.00 a day.

Food prices in Nicaragua are extremely volatile and small farmers have struggled in recent years, aggravated by climatic phenomena such as El Niño, and there has been a steady increas in rates of childhood malnutrition among the most vulnerable of communities.

Action Against Hunger has responded by collaborating with the government and local institutions to implement monitoring and evaluation programs for childhood malnutrition, and to treat children under five who are suffering from severe malnutrition. We also work to bolster agricultural production, distributing seeds and tools to farmers to help them cope with crop losses. Additionally, we’ve helped install over 80 community silos, where farmers are able to store their harvests, and which also serves as a “seed bank,” ensuring they will have the reserves to plant a second time during the growing season.

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