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Democratic Republic of the Congo

Children in DR Congo collect clean water to treat waterborne diseases.
Photo: ACF-DRC, J. Asenbrennerova
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The Democratic Republic of Congo is one of the largest countries in Africa, with a population of 65 million people and the second largest land mass on the continent. Suffering decades of conflict, regional war, and political neglect, the scale of humanitarian needs in the D.R. Congo becomes clear when you understand that nearly 30% of all children under five suffer from undernutrition. Without treatment, many of these children will succumb to the deadly effects of hunger.

Providing care and building capacity

Action Against Hunger has been present in D.R. Congo since 1997, working closely with the country’s Ministry of Health to build local capacity, strengthen health systems, and provide emergency care across the nation’s vast territory.

Our teams have trained thousands of health workers, equipped hundreds of hospitals and health centers, and provided lifesaving therapeutic care for tens of thousands of severely malnourished children. Providing clean water and sanitation to communities across D.R. Congo is another essential element in the fight against the underlying causes of malnutrition.

Our lifesaving impact

In 2013 alone, we saved over 37,000 children from deadly malnutrition, brought clean water to 283,390, and helped a total of 513,685 people with our programs, yet there are hundreds of thousands still in desperate need of treatment. Help us scale up our programs so that no child is left to suffer.

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77.43 million
Malnutrition in Children under 5 
24.2% (UNICEF, 2012)


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