We're Thankful For You!

Taking a moment to reflect on gratitude this holiday season.

As most of us go through our week, we’ll say “Happy Thanksgiving” at some point. Two little words we say without a thought the week of Turkey Day, to everyone from the mailman to the supermarket checkout clerk. Then we busy ourselves with the cooking, the entertaining, and the eating—and some of us let the day go by without really taking stock of that for which we're thankful.

Let’s change that this year. At Action Against Hunger, we’re incredibly grateful for you--our dedicated donors and friends. Much of the work you help us accomplish really puts what we have to be thankful for in perspective.

There's no clearer example than in the Philippines. Last weekend, our teams on the ground distributed emergency food rations to thousands of people in the outskirts of Tacloban and in Iloilo Province, two of the areas hardest hit by Typhoon Haiyan. For many families, the emergency rations are the most food they’ve had to eat since the storm hit over two weeks ago--and they’re extremely thankful for it. As you share a delicious Thanksgiving meal with your loved ones, take a moment to remember families like these, who are making the most of what little they have.

Though we’ve been able to reach thousands of people in need with emergency food and hygiene kit distributions, there are some 13 million people still suffering in the devastating aftermath of the typhoon. If you'd like to renew your commitment to us by helping us reach more Filipinos in need, consider a gift totally dedicated to helping them in the days, months, and years ahead.

You can also make a general gift to support our programs all around the world—gifts that reach Syrian refugees, victims of the Central African Republic coup, and more. Your generous support will help us reach some seven million people in more than 40 countries this year. That's incredible.

This Thanksgiving, we say thank you for you. You make the difference. You are the change you want to see in the world.

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About Elisabeth Anderson Rapport

Elisabeth Anderson Rapport, Senior Communications Officer

Elisabeth is Action Against Hunger's senior communications officer, reporting on our impact and current events around the world.