Want to Support Action Against Hunger? Get Inline!

Jack Sisson to Inline skate across the United States

Twenty-one year old Jack Sisson will undertake a solo trans-America Inline skating trip to increase awareness of global hunger and to raise funds for Action Against Hunger. Sisson will make the 3,800 mile trek from Yorktown, VA to San Francisco, CA over the course of 100 days.

Jack, born and raised in New Canaan, CT, is currently a junior at Dartmouth College, pursuing majors in math and music. While in high school, he was captain of the cross-country team. At Dartmouth, Jack has been a member of the Ultimate Frisbee A-team but has taken a break from that in order to train for his upcoming trip. Jack played ice hockey for many years as a boy and had his first experience on Inline skates while playing street hockey in his driveway.

Jack has been developing plans for this trip over the past two years. “When training for cross-country and while rollerblading around Connecticut, I realized how much more of the area I saw traveling that way. I started to think what an adventure it would be to see the entire country while Inline skating.” A trial run in Florida this past March convinced Jack that his dream could become a reality. As relatively few Inline skaters have completed a cross-US trek, Jack has been using established biking maps as a basis for his route, since those routes target roads with smooth surfaces and low traffic. He will start in early June from Yorktown and hopes to arrive in San Francisco by mid-September.