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A View from the Ground: Displaced Families Receive Emergency Supplies

Our teams distribute emergency hygiene kits to hundreds of families in Iloilo Province.

1. This weekend, in the municipality of Estancia in Iloilo Province on the island of Panay, our teams distributed nearly 200 hygiene kits to displaced typhoon survivors seeking shelter in their town’s civic center and elementary school.

Tacloban, Philippines. Courtesy Daniel Burgui

2. A few hundred families who have lost their homes are now living in old elementary school classrooms that were damaged by the storm.

 Tacloban, Philippines. Courtesy Daniel Burgui

3. Paloma (right) and her son have received their kits and are returning to their room at the school.

Tacloban, Philippines. Courtesy Daniel Burgui

4. Paloma stands with her children in their makeshift home. Paloma says, “I don’t know how long we can stay here. They want to open the school again for classes as soon as possible, so we’re living day to day.” Still, despite the difficult living conditions, Paloma’s family smiles.

Tacloban, Philippines. Courtesy Daniel Burgui

5. At the town’s civic center, more displaced families line up to receive their hygiene kits.

Tacloban, Philippines. Courtesy Daniel Burgui

6. At the civic center, Elvira (right) and her daughter collect their kit. Elvira teaches mathematics at the school that is now closed. She says, “It’s a bit strange—half my students are living here with me! We’re repairing our house, but it’s very badly damaged. We live in a tent for now. It’s temporary, but we'll manage."

Tacloban, Philippines. Courtesy Daniel Burgui

7. Elvira tells us, “We’re extremely grateful for all that you do for us. It really means a lot to know that people around the world are concerned about our safety." This sentiment is widely shared among typhoon survivors, as evidenced by the large tarpaulin that covers the front of City Hall (above.)

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