“They Need Urgent Help”: Nearly Twelve Million People Affected by Typhoon Haiyan

Our teams work to reach hundreds of thousands of people affected by the deadliest storm to ever hit the Philippines.
A typhoon survivor walks through debris in Tacloban. ACF-Philippines, J. Maitem
A typhoon survivor walks through debris in Tacloban. ACF-Philippines, J. Maitem

In the Philippines, the already staggering number of people impacted by the devastation of Typhoon Haiyan keeps growing: across the country, some 11.8 million people have been affected, nearly one million of whom have been displaced from their homes. Action Against Hunger’s teams are hard at work bringing relief to hundreds of thousands of displaced people in Cebu, Tacloban, Bohol and Capiz. Below, Olivier Longue, Executive Director of Action Against Hunger's Spanish headquarters, gives an overview of the situation:

Deadliest typhoon to date

For the first phase of emergency relief, we’ve dispatched 120 tons of humanitarian supplies to hard-hit areas, and our reinforcement team of 30 experts will join more than 100 staff members already on the ground. Daniel Burgui, one of our press officers, recently arrived in Tacloban to help with relief efforts. He says that although people in the Philippines have experienced typhoons before, Haiyan is by far the deadliest typhoon the country has ever seen: 

“People were prepared for the typhoon, but not for the floods that followed. Residents told me they are accustomed to the passage of typhoons, but this is worse than what they had expected…. They need urgent help.”

– Daniel Burgui, Press Officer, Action Against Hunger, Philippines

Our first priority: saving lives

Our first priority is to ensure shelter, food, safe water and basic sanitation to those who have lost everything. Emergency response teams are working around the clock removing debris from roads and runways so we can more easily receive and distribute aid. Though many areas are still difficult for us to reach, access to the most devastated areas has greatly improved in the past few hours. Vincent Stehli, Director of Operations for Action Against Hunger's Spanish headquarters, is confident that the improved access will help our relief efforts:

“In the next few days, our teams will scale up distribution of supplies such as clean water, emergency sanitation kits, and food rations."

– Vincent Stehli, Director of Operations, Action Against Hunger - Spain

Your support is still needed

As the need for aid continues to grow, so does our need for support. We’re counting on you to help us reach the huge number of people affected by this tragedy. Please join us in providing much-needed support for our emergency response teams and the communities we are serving in the Philippines.