Ten Things that Make Action Against Hunger Unique

Get to know us better, and watch our new video too!
Little Siham, from Kenya
Action Against Hunger unlocks the future potential of kids like Siham, from Kenya. Photo: ACF-Kenya

Every day, new people from around the world find their way onto our website. I’ll often get messages from new visitors, complimenting a blog post on activities in one of our program countries, or on an innovative partnership. But I also recognize that sometimes when you’re new, you simply want to be welcomed with a solid overview of who we are and what we do. This is for you. Welcome to our community of people inspired to save the lives of malnourished children around the world! Explore a list of the ten things you need to know about Action Against Hunger, and enjoy our new video.

The top 10 list: get to know us better

Learn more about us and the space we work in, in ten digestible bits!

1. We have a lifesaving mandate:

Everything we do supports our narrowly defined mandate: the eradication of deadly malnutrition. No other organization is focused on deadly hunger like Action Against Hunger. We put deadly malnutrition on the map over three decades ago and our on-the-ground expertise continues to shape global efforts to eradicate acute malnutrition and restore self-sufficiency.

2. We combat the single greatest threat to kids worldwide:

Malnutrition now causes nearly half of all child deaths, making it the biggest threat to child survival worldwide. Supporting Action Against Hunger is the surest way to have an impact on deadly malnutrition. We know when and where deadly malnutrition is likely to strike and can restore severely malnourished children to health with 90-95% success rates.

3. We focus on the most vulnerable:

It’s not at all easy to get assistance to those who truly need it. But we have proven strategies for reaching the most vulnerable with the right amount of aid. No child should suffer hunger, let alone life-threatening malnutrition, in the 21st century. Supporting us means more children receive the help they need. And according to the world’s top economists (the Copenhagen Consensus) and public health experts (the Lancet), investing in childhood nutrition has a bigger global return on investment than any other humanitarian intervention.

4. We’re comprehensive:

We harness our expertise in nutrition, food security, and water, sanitation and hygiene to tackle malnutrition’s root causes, addressing a range of obstacles to a community’s development. Our 5,000+ field staff assisted over 7.3 million people in 40+ countries in 2012.

5. We’re technical and scientific experts:

We created two game-changing products (milk formulas F-75 and F-100) that revolutionized the treatment of deadly acute malnutrition, slashing mortality rates by 75%. Our F-100 milk formula was repackaged as Plumpy’nut, the first ready-to-use-therapeutic food that requires no refrigeration and helps malnourished children recover at home, not in a hospital.

6. Just $1 can make a lifesaving difference:

It costs just $1 to provide a malnourished child with a day of lifesaving treatment, while $45 covers a full treatment cycle, providing a child with a future.

7. We don’t do handouts:

We’re interested in providing vulnerable communities with the tools, capital and training they need to stand on their own. Supporting Action Against Hunger supports economic development. Building local capacity is key to ensuring a population’s participation, sense of ownership, and commitment to managing and maintaining the systems we rehabilitate and install.

8. We’re proud of our team:

Our own professionals carry out every aspect of our field work, from start to finish, ensuring proper oversight of government grants and stewardship of private resources. And we’re a global organization with local roots; 90% of all our staff are in-country professionals, with a layer of international staff offering outside managerial and technical expertise.

9. We’re responsible stewards of private resources:

Private resources are essential for program flexibility, emergency preparedness, unlocking larger grants, and scaling up our lifesaving efforts. We’re committed to financial transparency and good governance and our fiscal and organizational health is recognized by independent assessors. For the 7th year in a row, we’ve received Charity Navigator’s top 4-star rating for “sound fiscal management and commitment to accountability and transparency,” placing us in the top 2% of U.S. NGOs. We dedicate an incredible $0.93 of every donated dollar directly to our lifesaving global activities.

10. We’re self-critical:

We work with external evaluators to assess our programs against measures of impact, sustainability, relevance, coherence, coverage, effectiveness and efficiency. Our annual Learning Review details these efforts and helps us improve by identifying program strengths, weaknesses and best practices.

Bonus: From me to you

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