#Team45: Five Steps to Fundraising Success

How can you get involved in the fight against deadly hunger? Here's the answer.
Child with therapeutic food in Kivu, DR Congo. Credit: J. Assenbrenerova
Child with therapeutic food in Kivu, DR Congo. Credit: J. Assenbrenerova

This year, we’re challenging you to be involved in the next step against global hunger. Hunger claims 1 million young lives every year, but for the first time in history, game changing solutions are within our reach. Using ready-to-use therapeutic foods, we can now treat children at home, and save lives at a scale never before imagined.

How can you get involved with this effort? Join us on #Team45 and start a personal fundraiser to save lives. When you become a fundraiser, your achievement, passion, or project will help us to treat children around the world struggling with malnutrition. Just $45 covers the full course of treatment for a child, which takes 45 days—that's why it's called #Team45!

It’s easier than you think to get started! We’ve outlined some steps below that will help you on the journey:

  1. Create a campaign: Head over to our #Team45 site and start a campaign. Try to focus your campaign around an event or activity—we've got some ideas in our fundraising guide if you're stuck.
  2. Personalize your page: On your page, be sure to tell the story of why fighting hunger matters to you. Your story will create a personal connection that will resonate strongly with your donors.
  3. Start the giving: Show your commitment to saving lives by making a gift to your campaign. Your donors will be more inspired when they see the campaign is off to a good start.
  4. Spread the word: This is the biggest step towards your success as a fundraiser. Make sure you share your page far and wide, via email, word of mouth, and all of your social media channels. The most successful fundraisers email their contacts three times to ask for donations, and they share their pages on Facebook, Twitter, and other social networks.
  5. Say thank you: Be sure to follow up with your donors after they give and thank them—be creative! Gratitude is what makes people feel really great about giving.

We’ve created a fundraising guide that will help you achieve your goals, and I'm here to to help you with anything you may need—you can email me anytime with questions!

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