Snacking for Charity

Cross Creek Charter School’s Honor Society uses Snack Shack to raise money
Cross Creek Charter School’s Honor Society uses Snack Shack to raise money.

For most middle school students, lunch hour is a time to blow off steam between classes. For the students of the Cross Creek Charter School’s Chapter of the National Junior Honor Society, lunch time is Snack Shack time!

The Cross Creek Snack Shack is a student-run snack stand that sells a wide variety of food to kids during the lunch period. Every day, members of the Cross Creek Chapter staff the stand, selling M&M’s, potato chips, and everything in between to their fellow classmates. But the Snack Shack isn’t just a way to eat junk food while mom and dad aren’t looking. It’s also a way to raise money for different causes around the world.

At the beginning of each school year, chapter members have a group meeting to decide on a charity to which they will donate Snack Shack proceeds. Since Society members are bright, thoughtful, and committed students, they really do their homework when choosing their charity. “The students do lots of research on each suggested charity. They want to make sure the chosen group not only addresses issues that concern the students but also earns a high efficiency rating so that the kids can be certain their money is going to make a real difference,” notes Cross Creek Chapter co-advisors Kerstin Andrzejewski and Janice Schmidt.

Their money will definitely make a big difference in the lives of the communities we support around the world. This year, The Cross Creek Chapter of the National Junior Honor Society raised $1,000 to go towards building a well in one of the villages in which we work.