Resolve to Save Lives in 2014: Join #Team45

We want to save an additional 1,000 kids' lives by March 31st. You can help us do it.
Young boy in South Sudan
Join #Team45 to support kids like this boy from Twic County, South Sudan. Photo: J. Seagle, Counterpart Images

With the new year comes new resolve and new goals. Maybe you'll run your first marathon. Or 5k. Or learn to cook. What will you achieve this year? Whatever you choose, you should know that it—and you—can also change the world!

Our first goal of 2014 is to save an additional 1,000 lives by March 31st. And you can help us achieve it.

Join #Team45 to fundraise for Action Against Hunger, and your achievement, passion, or project will help save the lives of children struggling with malnutrition—just $45 covers the full course of treatment for a child. Signing up is easy, and we've created a #Team45 Fundraiser Guide to help make start-to-finish planning a snap!

One of our superstar fundraisers is Elizabeth, a nine-year-old from California. She's asking friends and family to forgo gifts and donate for her birthday instead. If Elizabeth can do it, so can you! Get inspired about your power to make child hunger history by watching our video—click "See How" at the top of the page.

Thanks so much for your support, and welcome to the team!

Hey, world changer!
Let's save some lives.
Join #Team45

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