Race Against Hunger Student Spotlight

Ramona, a student, shares her experience with the Race Against Hunger

Action Against Hunger inspired me to help out. We got pledges for the Race, which was sponsored through my school, The Ancona School. I felt proud to have participated in helping others.

Next, I wanted to do more once the Race was over. I realized that my birthday was coming up, and I saw no reason not to use my party as a way to raise money. I figured that using our money for other people who need it was a better way than spending it on things I might want, but don’t really need. So to continue my plan, I asked my friends to bring a donation instead of buying something for me. That part was hard to do, as I like getting new things.

It was the pictures and slideshow that were shown to us that did the trick to get me interested in Action Against Hunger. [The presentation] included a picture of two boys before their treatment and after. There was a BIG difference.

After [the party], I felt really good that I made an effort to make other people’s lives better on my own time. This took sacrificing more things I could have gotten, but actually didn’t need. But as it turned out, I got few used books anyway from my neighbor who had old ones that she wanted to give me. (I love books!)

Interested in bringing the Race to your school? Contact race@actionagainsthunger.org for more information.