The Race: 8th Grader "Feels Confident About Knowledge”

Shaan Chadha, an 8th grade student from Ridge Academy shares a personal reflection about Action Against Hunger’s educational presentation that launched their 2009 Race Against Hunger.

“To get prepared for the Race Against Hunger, the 7th and 8th graders researched countries where Action Against Hunger has implemented programs to fight malnutrition. The projects helped us learn about the different causes of hunger, and how it affects people. After we had all presented our projects to our classmates, we shared food from the countries we studied. Ironic, yes, but it also gave us an idea about how people from these countries lived. After all of it was done, we felt pretty confident about our knowledge, but we still had a lot to learn.

On March 30th, we had a visitor from Action Against Hunger come to our school. Her name was Barbara McKinnon. She talked to half the school at a time, and really encouraged the younger kids to get excited about the race. She gave them information in a way that they could understand, and answered all their questions. Having her come to our school helped really show what was happening around the world, and how we are going to help. She put a face on the whole crisis, such as showing two starving boys and how Action Against Hunger actually helped them. She only stayed for two hours, but by the time she left we felt like experts.”