PRISM Takes To The Open Road To End Malnutrition

Trade association organizes cross-country motorcycle ride

This spring, PRISM International, a not-for-profit trade association for the commercial information management industry, is teaming up with Action Against Hunger to raise awareness about the effects of global malnutrition and the steps each of us can take to end this deadly disease. 

In recent meetings, members suggested hosting an event following PRISM’s association-wide conference this May that would allow participants to give back to their global community; the idea, dubbed PRISMgives, was unanimously approved. But the group of goal-oriented, thrill-seeking business people wasn’t looking for a traditional event for their first foray into charitable giving. “The magnitude of energy and enthusiasm about the idea was overwhelming – we just had to come up with an activity that was equally as exciting,” said Tom Adams, PRISMgives project coordinator. After much debating, PRISM’s Executive Director Jim Booth and President Dennis E. Barnedt III announced the premiere PRISM Gives campaign: a motorcycle ride starting in Daytona Beach, FL and ending in Los Angeles, CA.

The cross-country event, to take place during a week in May, is open to any rider eager to bring attention to the problems and solutions of global hunger. Riders will adhere to an 8-hour daily schedule, traversing the varied terrain of the American South and by-passing major cities. “One of the benefits of riding a motorcycle across the country is the individual’s ability not only to see the landscapes but to feel and breathe the scenery as well. As every major city can start to look the same, it was important to by-pass them and plan a trip through the smaller towns, where the real flavor of Americana could be tasted,” says Ian Thomas, one of the founding riders of the journey.

The exact itinerary of the ride is available on the PRISMgives website along with rider bios, blog updates, and enrollment information.

Interested in supporting a specific rider or the PRISMgives initiative in general? Visit the Action Against Hunger PRISMgives donation page. “Everyone interested in eliminating global hunger is encouraged to get involved, either through participation or donation – it’s going to be a great coast-to-coast trek!” exclaimed Adams.