Political Solution Needed to Stanch Crisis in Kenya

ACF intensifies its activities as the political crisis threatens to unravel further

The International aid group Action Against Hunger has expanded its emergency operations in Kenya, launching programs in Nairobi and strengthening activities in Nakuru and Molo. The instability from Kenya’s post-electoral turmoil continues to disrupt the capital and threaten vulnerable groups by limiting access to food and water.

Emergency Activities in Nairobi, Nakuru and Molo

Action Against Hunger’s emergency activities have intensified after rapid assessments indicated considerable needs in Nairobi’s slums and among the displaced in Nakuru and Molo. Reinforcing our programs with additional experts in water and sanitation, nutrition, and logistics, our emergency programs have focused on distributions of essential non-food items (NFI)—some 3,500 family kits have been handed out to date (soap, cooking pots, tarpaulins, jerry cans, etc.); much needed sanitation improvements and hygiene items—latrines, showers, clothes lines, washing areas, hygiene promotion programs, etc.; water supply—with a focus on water trucking (3 times a day) and structural improvement to water systems where needed; and nutrition surveillance, support, and health education.

While health and nutrition are not yet immediate humanitarian concerns in Nairobi and Nakuru, we are closely monitoring the situation. In close coordination with the Kenyan Red Cross, our field teams are working on sanitation, which remains the most pressing humanitarian need. We are poised to support some 30,000 people while we continue to monitor the situation through ongoing evaluations.

Action Against Hunger is alarmed by the lack of real political progress and concerned that the humanitarian crisis may spin further out of control, resulting in broader insecurity and further displacement of people. This crisis needs an immediate political solution.