Philippines Emergency: Urgent Need of Food and Water

More than 15,000 People in Dagara and South Camarines in Urgent Need of Food, Water

Action Against Hunger experts are already in South Camarines, one of the areas most affected by Typhoon Durian.

Water distribution systems have been extremely damaged, meaning that water supply for those affected by the Typhoon is very urgent. Water distribution via tanks will be necessary until the rehabilitation of the distribution network can begin. Most wells have been contaminated and many people are taking water from the rivers. “In the short term, food for 8,000 people in Daraga and for 10,000 people in South Camarines will also be needed,” says Vincent Mervoyer, Action Against Hunger’s Food Security expert in the area.

The survivors of the Typhoon have taken refuge in schools and public buildings. A lot of people have lost their homes. It is estimated that 1,000 people have died and disappeared and 830,000 people have been affected by the Typhoon. “Army forces and national police are concentrating on rescue efforts. However, for now there are few international organisations that have reached the area to respond to the needs of those affected,” comments Manuel Sanchez-Montero, Action Against Hunger-Spain’s Director of Operations.

Action Against Hunger expects to finish its damage assessment and to send a reinforcement team within the next few hours. Most likely, a water and sanitation emergency intervention will be launched. Action Against Hunger is also considering to send other equipment such as flexible water tanks from its warehouses in Spain.