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The Republic of Tea proudly supports Action Against Hunger, this World Water Day and all year long
Happy World Water Day! Photo: J. Asenbrennerova

Editor's Note: World Water Day is fast approaching! This week we're bringing you content all about the power of clean water, especially its critical connection to nutrition, all in the lead up to the big day on Saturday. Today, enjoy a guest post from one of our friends at The Republic of Tea, a terrific partner in our effort to build a world with more clean water!

With World Water Day approaching this Saturday, March 22nd, we at The Republic of Tea want to take the opportunity to emphasize the strong connection between clean water and nutrition. Access to clean water is critical for people to survive, and to maintain proper nutrition in areas where the threat of waterborne diseases like cholera are an everyday reality.

When a child drinks contaminated water and catches a waterborne disease, it complete undoes the benefits of any nutrition that child has received. Every year, 1.5 million children die from a lack of clean water and sanitation. That means a full 20% of all child deaths could be prevented with safe water and sanitation. These deaths are 100% preventable.

From where I sit, Action Against Hunger is an essential player in promoting clean water and nutrition initiatives around the world. Their team gets water and sanitation services to vulnerable communities across the globe faced with unsafe drinking sources, water scarcity, inadequate sanitation and poor hygiene while training and teaching these communities on how to care for their water points properly, all with an eye toward long-term solutions to malnutrition. They install and decontaminate wells, install hand pumps, protect natural springs, pipe water into villages and rehabilitate damaged infrastructure to support lasting effects and save lives. Just recently, Action Against Hunger installed a comprehensive filtration and pumping system in Ziwani Village, located is in Tana River County, Kenya.

Because of The Republic of Tea’s connection to the vital importance of clean water, we are proud to partner with Action Against Hunger through the development of our Sip for Clean Water initiative with Hibiscus WatermelonTea Bags and Hibiscus Watermelon Iced Tea One Cuppa™. After all, water is essential to life and for making a cup of tea (you can't enjoy one without it!). We strive to encourage our Citizens (customers) to live life Sip by Sip and to lend a hand to those in need because we depend on one another for the well-being of the whole.

Happy World Water Day!

Sip by Sip Rather Than Gulp by Gulp….


PS: This World Water Day, The Republic of Tea is also proud to sponsor a gift in Action Against Hunger’s virtual gift catalog. For $19, you can provide a family with the gift of a life-changing ceramic water filter. Find out more.

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Kate is the Philanthropy & Events Manager at The Republic of Tea, a company we're proud to partner with in efforts to provide clean water and fight hunger around the world.