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Northern Illinois University Partners with ACF-USA to Fight Global Malnutritution

The Student Nursing Organization (SNO) at the Northern Illinois University has had a strong history of commitment to leadership, fellowship and social and professional growth. This year, SNO has added philanthropy to their list of commitments, partnering with Action Against Hunger to apply their passion for medicine and health in the fight against global hunger and malnutrition.

"We decided to create a philanthropy chapter because we believe that being a nurse is much more than collecting a paycheck. Healing people involves caring," says Ryan Hall, a student nurse and Philanthropy chair of the NIU Student Nursing Organization. "Action Against Hunger delivers care to those who need it most. By exercising our capacity to care, we not only become better student nurses but human beings. We believe that Action Against Hunger is a genuine organization that deserves our support."

Recognizing the unique ability of students--particularly university students--to be powerful agents of change, Action Against Hunger is very enthusiastic about partnering with the NIU Student Nursing Organization.


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