North American Power's Missions to Millions Program Saves Lives

This innovative charitable giving program puts the power of giving in the hands of customers.

As one of the fastest-growing retail energy suppliers in the U.S., North American Power truly believes in the Power for Change; not only by focusing on green energy and offering a revolutionary income opportunity, but also by giving back to impact the lives of people all over the world. What truly drives this concept is Mission to Millions, our innovative charitable giving program that puts the power of giving in the hands of our customers.  

Mission to Millions allows our socially-conscious customers to direct company funds to the charity partner of their choice. It’s simple; when customers switch to North American Power, they select their preferred non-profit organization from a list of featured charities. Every month that customer pays their energy bill, we donate $1 on their behalf to their chosen charity. 

Our partnership with Action Against Hunger has been at the heart of the Mission to Millions program. It all started three years ago, when our team of leaders decided to place community at the center of all we do. As one of the early partners of the program, Action Against Hunger was selected both for their life-saving work combating malnutrition and providing sustainable solutions to hunger, as well as their stellar ratings by top nonprofit watchdog groups.

Since then, the response has been no less than remarkable. We’re excited to announce that on the three year anniversary of our partnership, the Mission to Millions program has donated over $68,000 to Action Against Hunger. Through the collective power of our customers and company, that’s enough to save over 1,500 young lives from deadly malnutrition! 

Through this ground-breaking structure, we’ve demonstrated the true power of one dollar and can’t wait to continue supporting Action Against Hunger’s lifesaving work through Mission to Millions! 


Founded in 2009 by energy veterans, Kerry Breitbart and Carey Turnbull, North American Power is one of the nation’s fastest-growing energy suppliers, earning a spot on the Forbes list of America’s Most Promising Companies. Underscored by a commitment to community and sustainability, North American Power is giving Americans the ability to choose sustainable energy at competitive rates with the flip of a switch, plus the opportunity to give back to charity and earn money by referring friends and family. North American Power currently serves over 300,000 customers nationwide. For more information, visit

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About Nina Kantesaria

Nina Kantesaria is North American Power’s Charitable Giving Coordinator, responsible for the company's key charitable programs, including Mission to Millions, and other philanthropic initiatives.