Muttur: Commemorating Two Years Since The Tragedy

Victims of Attack Honored, Call For Justice

Two years ago on 4th August 2006, 17 Action Against Hunger humanitarian aid workers were executed on their base in Muttur in Sri Lanka. They were killed in the offices of a humanitarian organization, a place which had, until then, been considered as a safe house. 17 of our colleagues, 17 friends, brothers and sisters. 13 men and 4 women. A father and his daughter, a mother and five fathers. 11 of them had not yet reached the age of 30. 17 human beings who lost their lives because they wanted to help others.

Today, the 4th of August, two years to the day after this unprecedented crime, Action Against Hunger commemorates this tragic event. For two years now, out of respect to the memory of the volunteers killed in Muttur, their families, their colleagues and their friends, we have been doing everything in our power to ensure that the truth be known.

Such a massacre is unprecedented in the history of humanitarian aid. The events of August 4th, 2006 are an affront to each and every humanitarian aid worker. Despite these crimes, it is still the duty of NGOs to fulfill their responsibilities to those who are most vulnerable. These are, above all, the slightly worsened living conditions of the people who count on aid from NGOs.

The news reminds us on a daily basis that humanitarian aid principles, our mandate, and the lives of our teams are increasingly under threat and all with complete impunity.

In honor of the 13 men and 4 women, but also for all other victims and for the defense of the principals that guide us, we must fight to obtain justice for Muttur.