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A Message for Our Friends, Post-Hurricane Sandy

Sending our very best to you and yours.
Hurricane Sandy
A satellite image of Hurricane Sandy

With our headquarters in New York City, we’ve experienced Hurricane Sandy and all her wrath this week – and we know many of you have, too. First and foremost, we hope this message finds you and your loved ones safe and well.

While we focus our lifesaving activities outside the U.S. – contexts where communities have no safety nets, no FEMA, no state-level emergency mechanisms, no insurance, shelters or local food banks – we stand strong in support of the fantastic first-responders and organizations that are working with courage and grace to help people recover. If you, or someone you know, need support personally, the Red Cross is a wonderful place to start. In addition, NYC.gov has collaborated with Google to provide the latest information about power and transit outages, shelters, and food and water distribution points.

Sandy disrupted many lives and events, and as some of you know, one of those was our Annual Benefit Gala slated for this past Tuesday, October 30th at Capitale in New York. While we had no choice but to cancel the main event, the silver lining in this (storm) cloud is that we are working on a very exciting Plan B. We'll have details posted on our website by the second half of next week.

Thank you as always for being a friend of Action Against Hunger’s. This week’s events have me thinking a lot about the fact that the East Coast will recover and repair – while the communities that Action Against Hunger serves are rarely able to do so without humanitarian support from friends like you. You continue to be the change, to make the difference – and for this I thank you.

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About Nan Dale

Nan Dale is Action Against Hunger's Chief Executive Officer. She has had a distinguished career in the international humanitarian field, as well as in public health, child welfare and juvenile justice.


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