Massachusetts Girl Flips For Action Against Hunger

What do you get when you mix third graders, gymnastics, and Action Against Hunger? An awesome 8th birthday party! Serena from Massachusetts found out just how to have fun and help others as she celebrated her 8th birthday in tumbling style – and raised over $300 to help end global malnutrition!

Serena has been a philanthropist as long as she can remember, and learning about social justice in Hebrew school has helped to make her more aware of her broader community. Often times at the grocery store when her parents are given the option to add a dollar donation to the bill, Serena will use her own money to make the contribution. “I want to help hungry people, so when my mom told me about what Action Against Hunger does, I thought it was a good pick for my birthday,” explained Serena. She would encourage her friends and classmates to have a donations-only party, too. “It was fun having Action Against Hunger be a part of the party!”

When she’s not fighting global hunger, Serena likes to travel and bake. She would like to be a scientist when she grows up and has already started conducting scientific experiments. Most recently, she discovered fiber optics. Someone had already discovered this, but that was okay with her.