Hunger Pyramid

Action Against Hunger hunger pyramid.
Action Against Hunger hunger pyramid.

Today you're going to learn about the causes of malnutrition. To help make this explanation clearer, check out the photo of the ACF hunger pyramid. This pyramid is not like the traditional food pyramid we all learned about in school. The traditional food pyramid shows how eating healthier foods can help us to have strong bones, good health, and lots of energy. This food pyramid is more complicated because it shows the structural and catalyst factors that lead to acute malnutrition worldwide.

The structural factors include poverty, gender, climate change, trade policy, and HIV & AIDS. The catalyst or trigger factors include violence, failing states, and natural disasters.

Why do you think these factors are important? Why would these factors lead to acute malnutrition? How are they related to acute malnutrition in Sub-Saharan Africa?

Recent ACF studies show that the major food crises in Sub-Saharan Africa are often caused by lack of access to food rather than food unavailability. As a result, food prices are high because locally produced food is being exported instead of consumed by local people.

Using what you know about acute malnutrition, what policy changes should be made to reduce hunger? How will you get involved to help our goal of ending childhood malnutrition by 2015? The only we can create real change is by getting important readers like you involved!

Have a great weekend, readers! Feel free to email us with questions or ideas.