Hunger Awareness Leaders of Tomorrow (HALT)

Action Against Hunger | ACF International has partnered with students from Lebanon Valley College to start the first chapter of the national student organization, Hunger Awareness Leaders of Tomorrow (HALT).

HALT began when Jimmy Kroll, a student eager to get involved in the fight against global hunger, contacted ACF after visiting the New York headquarters on a school trip. We started brainstorming and decided to start an ACF-affiliated student organization devoted to raising awareness about global hunger issues and about ACF’s field programs.

Jimmy Kroll and his fellow HALT members have been quite busy since their inception this past September, organizing World Food Week to commemorate World Food Day. Events are planned throughout the week to give students a chance to learn more about global hunger, ACF and HALT.
HALT is just starting to build membership, and it has been growing rapidly. Since September, students from around the country have expressed interest in starting their own chapter. We now have 5 official chapters from Pennsylvania, New York, Connecticut, California and Michigan, working together to fight against global hunger.

If you have any questions about HALT, or if you would like to start a chapter at your school, please contact our  Student Outreach Team.