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Hunger and AIDS

World AIDS Day, Dec 1, 2006

Action Against Hunger, one of the leading organizations in the fight against hunger and malnutrition, is playing an important role in tackling the challenges of HIV/AIDS worldwide by addressing the essential links between HIV and nutrition. Action Against Hunger is mainstreaming HIV through all areas of its work to fight HIV/AIDS related malnutrition through its areas of expertise. Action Against Hunger can assist through interventions in nutrition, health, food security, water/sanitation and advocacy.

The organisation also is involved in a concerted effort to address the links between malnutrition and HIV/AIDS through clinical research and reviewing its approach in countries affected by the HIV pandemic. As the AIDS pandemic gains renewed strength and more than 852 million people still go to bed hungry, the work of Action Against Hunger continues to be more essential than ever to help those affected by the dual crisis of under nutrition and HIV.



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