Hands 4 Hunger

Students highlight global hunger with “Hands 4 Hunger” project

Students at Clinton Township Middle School in New Jersey created a poignant learning activity on global hunger with a project called Hands 4 Hunger that symbolizes the 25,000 people who die every day from hunger-related causes. Students created a collage of 2,500 colorful hand-shaped cutouts, each representing 10 of these 25,000 fatalities. As a public display, the collage educates as well as impresses, providing facts about global hunger. “I thought it would be effective in spreading an important message, not to mention fun,” explains Abbey Daudelin, eighth grade student and leader of the project. Enrichment Teacher Diane Cormican concurs: “It’s pretty powerful when you see it.” The Clinton Township eighth graders felt compelled to educate others about global hunger after learning about the crisis in Darfur, and their efforts have not stopped there: they’ve also enrolled in the 2009 Race Against Hunger.