Got Milk?

A creative family and their online company, Three Potato Four, help stop world hunger one milk bottle at a time

Janet and Stu started their online company, Three Potato Four, because of their mutual love for interesting collections. Backgrounds in the design industry gave the couple a combination of creativity and business savvy which would serve as a spring board for launching their website.

Upon moving to Virginia, Janet and Stu began their online shop in September 2007 with an eclectic yet cohesive mix of vintage and modern items.

The success of Three Potato Four originates in its delightful curated collections. “The company has the knack of selling things you never needed before but now can’t live without,” says Janet. Such novelties include vintage botanical charts, ceramic bird vases, letterpress journals, alphabet pillows, and the Action Against Hunger milk bottle carafes. 

Inspired by their young daughter Holly, Stu and Janet decided to use some of their proceeds to benefit kids. The couple's fascination with antique milk bottles provided the perfect idea. A milk bottle’s connotations of children and hunger prompted the owners to research relevant charities online; consequently, they came across the highly-rated Action Against Hunger. In an effort to give back and make a difference in children’s lives, Three Potato Four now donates $1 from each Milk Bottle Carafe sale to Action Against Hunger. 

The company’s imaginative name comes from the nursery rhyme “One Potato, Two Potato.” One day, Stu and Janet were teaching Holly the song in their backyard, and they decided Three Potato Four would be a fitting name for their whimsical shop. Evidently, Holly has been the source of much positive development for Stu, Janet, and their budding company!

Visit Three Potato Four online.