Glenmont Testimonies from the Race Against Hunger

"This experience for me has been a new journey. I enjoyed helping people who have more needs than others. I’ve learned how to spend money on things that are needed and not take money or things I have for granted. I also have a new appreciation for the things I do have. I felt enjoyment participating in this journey that will never end. As long as we still have people with a heart, people, like the people of Burundi will have a chance. These people need more than just food. They need love, proper nutrition and shelter. I never knew that millions of people suffer each day from hunger. I am glad I participated in this activity. It makes me have a warmer heart."-Katherine, 14 years old

"Kids exaggerate about starving when it doesn’t really compare to what kids go through everyday, digging through trash to get scraps of food. We talk about our fancy clothes when in Burundi they have to choose clothes or food. This is my opinion on this event." -Alexis, 13 years old

"My experience in the Race Against Hunger was phenomenal because I got to raise money at the same time I was having fun. Another reason the Race Against Hunger was phenomenal is because when I saw the pictures of the two malnourished kids it was just heart breaking. So when I found out that $2 would give food to four malnourished kids I was interested in participating in the Race Against Hunger. At Glenmont we are donating more than $200. I hope many more schools will join and support the Race Against Hunger. Together, we can “stomp out” the hunger problems of the world." -Joel, 14 years old

"The Race Against Hunger changed my life – its made me glad about the life I have. It has also given me the opportunity the think about how I can help others and make a better world to live in. The video showed us what life is like for some people around the world. Life is not so is cruel and non-deserving. Can you imagine having to walk such long distances just to get water? Not having food to eat? On the day of the race I felt like a hero. Donating some money made me feel good because I know that receiving that money (or what the money will buy) will give someone a smile."-Julio, 14 years old