Gatorade Goes the Distance in the Fight Against Hunger

G Movement: New partnership with Action Against Hunger enlists athletes to save lives.
Gatorade Goes the Distance in the Fight Against Hunger

From the weekend warriors of local rugby leagues to the daily jogger training for her first marathon and the next undiscovered Golden Gloves champ, people of all stripes can now put their athletic prowess to work in the fight against acute hunger and malnutrition. Action Against Hunger and Gatorade are seeking athletes and aspiring athletes alike who are fired up and ready to use their competitive edge for a great cause.

For those who never had the drive to scale Mount Everest before, saving a child from acute malnutrition could be just the incentive they need.

Beginning this fall, individuals from across the United States can apply online to participate. Step one involves applicants choosing their own personal, physical challenge. For those who never had the drive to scale Mount Everest before, saving a child from acute malnutrition could be just the incentive they need. And what better way to find that extra motivation to hit the gym than by supporting Action Against Hunger's life-saving programs?

Once the personal challenges are set—whatever they may be—participants will collect donations from friends and family members to meet their goals. All money raised will go to Action Against Hunger, so whatever the sport, whatever the challenge, we're asking athletes to rally friends, families, and communities to cheer them on and support the cause as they sweat it out to end acute malnutrition. Whether it's a dollar per mile run, lap swum, goal scored, or meter climbed, the contributions pledged will encourage the athletes to meet their goals while simultaneously providing Action Against Hunger with the funding necessary to reach more children threatened by acute malnutrition across the world.

Gatorade's G Movement initiative will support all participants with access to online training tips and tools as well as Gatorade products. In addition, Gatorade will provide up to five people—pre-selected by Action Against Hunger based on their motivation and athletic challenge—with grants of $2,000 each and a year's supply of Gatorade to help them complete the athletic feat of their choosing. With Gatorade's help, nothing can stand in the way of those coveted rock climbing lessons, some extra personal training from an expert, or a once-in-a-lifetime snowshoe expedition. 

For added inspiration, Gatorade has generously donated $100,000 towards the campaign—a solid foundation of global hunger relief for G Movement participants to build upon.

"We're delighted for the opportunity to help Action Against Hunger fulfill its mission and to contribute to the fight against acute malnutrition," said Mary Doherty, Director Gatorade Sports & Event Marketing. "For every athlete out there who wants to test the limits of their abilities for a worthy cause, this is their chance."

The goal of this innovative partnership is to raise at least $200,000 to fight deadly malnutrition around the globe, but we can't do it without you! No matter what your fitness level or preferred physical activity, your participation will go a long way in achieving this goal. Considering that it costs as little as $50 to provide a malnourished child with life-saving treatment, including ready-to-use foods and expert supervision, you could make a world of difference—the difference between life and death—for as many as 4,000 children.

What is G? As Gatorade puts it, "G is giving back." Are you up to the G Movement challenge?

No Roll in the Park: Skater Completes 3,800 Miles to Fight Hunger

Last summer, 21 year-old Jack Sisson completed an inline skating excursion across the country to promote Action Against Hunger's life-saving programs. A Dartmouth '09 student, Sisson decided to break from the typical summer vacation to do something extraordinary: On June 10th, he set off on a 72-day journey from Yorktown, VA that took him through 10 states and 5 sets of inline skate wheels.

Sisson's dedication to promoting a global cause through athletics garnered plenty of attention across the country—Rollerblade, the manufacturer of inline skates, even provided a $5,000 matching gift. Jack ultimately raised over $11,000 for the fight against hunger and has been featured in a video on Gatorade's G Movement website where he inspires others to take on hunger.