Fundraising With Action Against Hunger

We are coming up with ways to make fundraising for ACF even easier. Help those who need it most and make a difference!
Credit: Tine Frank
Credit: Tine Frank

We at Action Against Hunger | ACF International are excited for the recent launch of the My Action Against Hunger page on our website. This part of the site allows you to create a personalized page, as well as gain access to a Participant Center where you can email your friends and family to ask for donations, thank them, and keep track of your fundraising progress. This new section will help you create fundraising goals and then make reaching them easier. We are full of ideas about how to fundraise: from asking for donations as birthday presents, to organizing silent auctions, to running in races for the cause, and even placing penny jars in local businesses. Every little bit counts! Below you'll find an exciting and recent fundraising story that we are happy to brag about:

Molly is a bubbly 14-year old girl from Connecticut. Molly woke up one morning and realized she wanted to make a difference for those outside her community. After doing some serious research on non-profits, Molly decided she wanted to fundraise for Action Against Hunger. She solicited donations from local businesses and hosted a local pool party charging each guest to attend. With fun, food, pool games, and a great cause she was able to successfully raise $600! After her great fundraising, she proudly stopped by our New York headquarters to meet our team. We thank Molly for her commitment to ACF and hope that her inspiring story encourages others to get involved!

Check out the fundraising section of our site, and start your team today!