Entrepreneur Gets Cash Grant from ACF to Jumpstart Small Business

Sudanese woman transforms her family’s lives by opening successful restaurant

Alor Dhel Kuol is a perfect example of how Action Against Hunger is helping transform lives in southern Sudan with small cash grants and basic business training.

This energetic grandmother has truly managed to turn her life around with a $140 cash grant from ACF, which has benefited not just her, but her entire family.

"I come from a poor family," explains Alor, sitting in her restaurant. "I couldn’t support my family, I couldn’t buy enough food or clothes for the children, or pay their school fees or take them to the clinic. I would work all day in the garden under the hot sun, and go and look for wild fruits for survival, but it was never enough to take care of my household of eight."

With the cash grant from ACF, Alor opened her restaurant in the busy Wanyjok market in October 2009. Starting out small, she set up in a modest tukul [hut] with just three tables and one employee. Six months later, with her savings from the business and the second instalment of the cash grant, she took over her current venue.

Today, business is booming. With up to 200 customers per day, she makes a decent profit and employs nine people—a fact that makes her particularly proud.

"I like running a business very much," says Alor. "I’m proud to employ people and to be known in my community. Even the people from the local government office order food from me. I used to work all day under the hot sun and got nothing from it; now the work is more comfortable and I can look after my family. I have constructed two new tukuls at home, bought goats, and I paid school fees for three of my children and two grandchildren. I can buy their clothes and take them to the clinic when they are sick. Life today is so much better."

But this business-savvy entrepreneur isn’t stopping there. "ACF trained me on how to run a business and helped me get started, and now I want to do more. I want to open a shop in the market as well. And I want to encourage everyone to start their own business to have a better life. I am so proud of being involved with ACF, I really am very, very happy."