Ending Childhood Malnutrition by 2015

Credit: ACF-Uganda, T. Frank

In 2000, world leaders came together to adopt the United Nations Millennium Declaration committing member nations to reduce extreme poverty by 2015. As part of this declaration, world leaders agreed on eight Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) to achieve by the deadline of 2015.

Goal #1: End Poverty and Hunger

Combating and ultimately ending extreme poverty and hunger will require the combined efforts of all sectors of society. Not only can organizations like ACF implement the programs that raise people out of poverty—we can also inform an influence opinion.

Check out this new partnership called the 1,000 Days Campaign, that encourages organizations, governments, businesses and civil society to come together to raise awareness about childhood malnutrition and the importance of nutrition during the 1,000 days between pregnancy and age two.

As a member of InterAction, ACF is a supporter and participant of the 1,000 Days campaign. Learn more about our workin the Democratic Republic of Congo so you can better understand how we treat and prevent childhood malnutrition.