Emergency: Typhoon Bopha Sows Destruction Across Southern Philippines

With more than 450 people dead and an additional 500 missing, help is desperately needed
Thousands need our help after a typhoon in the Philippines.
Thousands need our help in the wake of a debilitating typhoon in the Philippines. Photo: ACF-Philippines.

A large typhoon tore its way through the southern Philippines this week, leaving more than 450 people dead and as many missing. An Action Against Hunger emergency response team – with expertise in disaster logistics, nutrition, water and sanitation, food security, and psychology – has been deployed to conduct a rapid assessment in Surigao del Sur, one of the areas affected by the typhoon.

“We have spoken to many men, women, and children who are now homeless and jobless. They’re living in gyms, schools, and churches where they don’t have proper access to water. People are scared, disoriented, and sad – and the conditions they are living in is only aggravating those feelings.”

Sofia Jiminez, Emergency Response Team, Action Against Hunger

When our assessment is complete, we’ll get to work quickly ensuring proper water, sanitation, and hygiene for displaced families, and providing basic necessities like utensils, jerry cans, mosquito nets, blankets and clothes.

We’ve worked in the Philippines since 2000, providing services in nutrition, water, sanitation, and hygiene, food security, and natural disaster prevention and response. Our in-country team of nearly 100 professionals remains committed to helping Filipinos get back on their feet after tragedy. Your support will be greatly appreciated!

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