Emergency Response Following Tropical Storm Washi in the Philippines

Credit: REUTERS/ERIK DE CASTRO courtesy Trust.org
Typhoon Washi victims. Credit: REUTERS/ERIK DE CASTRO courtesy Trust.org

Hundreds of people are dead and more than 167,000 people have been affected following the crash of Tropical Storm Washi on the shores of the Southern Philippines over the weekend. Action Against Hunger, which operates a mission on the island on Mindanao, replied immediately to the disaster and charted course to effectively address the emergency water, sanitation, and nutrition needs of those impacted. Here's how we're helping:

  • The Action Against Hunger team in the field moved to the area of Cagayan de Oro and conducted an assessment of the destruction caused by the storm and the conditions of the people who survived.
  • Action Against Hunger in Manila has mobilized shelter materials, hygiene kits and other emergency equipment and will be moving to Northern Mindanao later in the day to deliver those supplies and assist with their implementation
  • Action Against Hunger will be assessing the health conditions of the already overcrowded temporary shelters constructed and acting to prevent water- and nutrition-related diseases that could put the population at further risk

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