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Emergency in Iran, Action Against Hunger is Already Helping in the Area of Earthquake Devastation

ACF traveled to Zarand to evaluate most urgent needs of victims of 6.4 earthquake

Early this morning, an earthquake shook the province of Kerman in southeast Iran. As soon as Action Against Hunger heard about the disaster, a team of relief professionals traveled from Bam to Zarand, the area of the earthquake, to evaluate the most urgent needs of victims and to organize emergency assistance.

The area of the disaster is located 250 kilometres from Bam, where Action Against Hunger has been present since December 2003, when an earlier earthquake devastated the area and left more than 40,000 dead and thousands injured.

The area affected by today's earthquake is mountainous and populated with villages that are difficult to reach due to rain, snow and landslides caused by the earthquake. If necessary, Action Against Hunger will send into the area of the earthquake its stock of emergency supplies located in Bam, which consists of water and drainage materials and nutritional supplies.

We will continue providing specific information throughout the day.

In Bam, Action Against Hunger promotes hygiene and installs water and drainage infrastructure (toilets, showers, etc.) in 50 affected schools. It also collaborates with Ministry of Education personnel to establish protocols for the treatment of infant malnutrition and to monitor national nutrition while supplying nutritional supplements to the population.



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