Cornell University Students Partner with ACF to Fight Global Hunger

Annual "Big Red Relief" Concert seeks to raise awareness about and funds for ACF

Written by: OreOluwa Badaki, Cornell University Student

Big Red Relief is a student organization at Cornell University devoted to promoting communal action for the good of mankind. Our organization began when Cornell students decided to throw a benefit concert for the victims of the 2005 South Asian Tsunami. Since then, the Big Red Relief Concert has become the largest annual fundraiser event at Cornell University.

This year, we have turned our attention toward the Global Food Crisis. We chose to work with Action Against Hunger because we admired its commitment to sustainability. In the past Big Red Relief has worked to alleviate suffering in response to global crises, now we would like to do our part in preventing future crises as well. Action Against Hunger’s Food Security Initiative ensures that the effects of the aid efforts will not be short-lived and that they will improve future prospects as well as present standards.

We see that Action Against Hunger does not just give away food, it tries to make sure that those whose lives it touches will be given the tools needed to ensure their own well-being long after the foreign aid packages stop rolling in. Big Red Relief believes in this goal, and we look forward to doing what we can to make it a reality.