Clinton Township Middle School Students Put their Hands Up for Hunger

New Jersey students create “Hands 4 Hunger” project to highlight the humanitarian crisis in Darfur, Sudan

Students from the Clinton Township Middle School of Hunterdon County, New Jersey, have joined forces with the global humanitarian organization Action Against Hunger to raise awareness and support for crises around the world. Having studied the crisis in Darfur, Sudan, the students contacted Action Against Hunger—an agency working in Sudan—and commited to joining their national Race Against Hunger event later this Spring.

But the students wanted to do something in the mean time and created an innovative project called “Hands 4 Hunger”: a collage of 2,500 colorful hand-shaped cut-outs, displayed as symbols of their commitment to helping the less fortunate around world. “I thought it would be effective in spreading an important message, not to mention fun,” states Abbey Daudelin, designer of the “Hands 4 Hunger” project.

“According to the UN’s Food & Agriculture Organization, every day 25,000 people die of hunger or related causes. Each hand represents 10 of these people,” according to the “Hands 4 Hunger” student group—a project that has only grown in enthusiasm and members. “Originally, only 10-12 kids signed up for this group. Now everyone wants to be a part of it,” affirmed Diane Cormican, an Enrichment Teacher and Coordinator at Clinton Township Middle School. Diane has been impressed with the students’ initiative. “We are all very fortunate in this country,” continues Ms. Cormican. “It’s often hard to see beyond our own busy lives, but efforts like “Hands 4 Hunger” nurture a desire to help others and remind us we can make a difference.”

Having raised money for Darfur last year, the school sought to add an educational component to their fundraising activities in 2009. The Race Against Hunger’s service learning curriculum seemed a good fit, and this year’s school-wide effort offers an exciting glimpse into the enthusiasm students have for making a difference in the world. “ ‘Hands 4 Hunger’ has been a great start to our humanitarian initiative, and the students are eager to Race Against Hunger,” says Diane.