Climbing Mount Everest: Taking the Fight Against Hunger to New Heights

New Yorker climbs Mt. Everest to fight global hunger

At 29 years of age, Sophie Denis is the youngest European woman—and only the 4th French woman—to climb the North Face of Mount Everest. She also happens to be the first female New Yorker in the banking industry to attempt this climb.

Distinguishing her further, Ms. Denis has decided to partner with the international humanitarian organization, Action Against Hunger, to leverage her climb to raise funds and much needed attention for the plight of millions of malnourished around the world. Let us remember that Sir Edmund Hillary, who died January 11th, 2008, managed to climb to the top when he was 33 years old, on May 29th, 1953.

Ms. Denis traveled to Katmandu on March 29th and was slated to reach the Chinese Base Camp on April 6th, 2008.

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Hailing from outside Paris, France, at St Quentin les Yvelines, Sophie has long been determined to prove to its inhabitants that everyone can live their heart’s dreams. The township’s public schools will be following her climb via her blog postings, and will also incorporate geographic and scientific information from her climb into their curriculum, making this the opportunity of a life-time.

Sophie enjoys the physical challenges that accompany sports, and has set a high standards for herself over time, reaching Regional, National or State Championship levels in tennis, judo, fencing, rugby, and mountaineering. Sophie is very aware of the challenges that people face every day around the world, and her motto is “Everything is Possible.”

To make her climb more than just symbolic, Sophie wanted to partner with an organization that focuses specifically on hunger and its educational components, and to raise awareness and funds for their efforts. “Action Against Hunger is one of the few non-governmental organizations whose focus on education goes hand-in-hand with ending hunger,” she says. “With nearly 30 years of experience addressing hunger in more than 40 countries, they've developed programs and protocols that have become models for other organizations worldwide. They ensure that assistance gets directly to people who need it by having teams on the ground while their programs are carried out, and by empowering local organizations to take over when possible.”

As an official “Friend of Action Against Hunger,” Sophie’s larger-than-life determination and commitment to high personal expectations make her a valuable asset in Action Against Hunger’s efforts to end global malnutrition. She’s doing her part to inspire and transform her world, and we invite you to track her progress and support her efforts however possible. Thanks Sophie!

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The window of opportunity to climb Mount Everest is slender. The only time possible is in May and June, just prior to the summer monsoons when a change in the Jet Stream reduces wind speeds at the top of the mountain. The weather is far from predictable, however, and can still be unruly. Nor is the North Face climb for the weak of heart: it requires mental discipline and austere physical preparation, as well as proof that one is physically adept and mentally committed to the task before a visa can be secured.

Yet none of this has deterred Sophie from preparing for this climb. That is why she needs even more support! Sophie leaves New York on March 29th, and to return to the Big Apple the first week of June.

Sophie's Expedition Itinerary

Here is her schedule for the next couple of months (subject to change):

  • March 31: Arrive Kathmandu (1,300 meters/4,200 feet)
  • April 2: Bus to Tibet; drive to Nyalam (3,750 meters/12,300 feet)
  • April 4: Bus to Tingri (4,300 meters/14,100 feet)
  • April 6: Drive to Chinese base camp (5,200 meters/17,000 feet)
  • April 10: Walk with the yaks halfway to advanced base to interim camp (5,800 meters/19,000 feet)
  • April 13: Walk with the yaks to advanced base (ABC) (6,400 meters/21,000 feet)
  • April 16: Walk to camp 1 North Col (7,000 meters/23,000 feet), and train on route over next 5 days
  • April 21: Walk to camp 2 (7,500 meters/24,600 feet), and train on route over next 10 days
  • May 1: Walk to camp 3 (8,300 meters/27,200 feet), and train on route over next 12 days
  • May 13-15: Attempt summit if conditions allow.
  • May 15: Walk back down to Chinese base to rest.
  • May 20: Walk back up to camp 1 North Col (7,000 meters/23,000 feet)
  • May 23-26: Attempt summit if conditions allow.
  • May 26: Descend to camp 1 North Col (7,000 meters/23,000 feet)
  • May 27: Descend to advanced base (ABC) (6,400 meters/21,000 feet)
  • May 29: Yaks transport equipment, supplies and rubbish to Chinese base. Members walk down.
  • May 31: Drive to Tingri
  • June 1: Drive to Kathmandu

Interested in Interviewing Sophie?

Sophie Denis will be available for interviews upon her return to New York City. To schedule an interview please contact:

James L. Phelan
Senior External Relations Officer, ACF-USA
Contact James Phelan
Direct: 212-967-7800 x108
Cell: 646-265-7796