Chicago Students Race Against Hunger

Students, teachers, and family members bring energy and enthusiasm to Chicago Youth Service Day event

On April 26th, nearly 200 students, teachers, and family members from Chicago Public Schools and the After-School All-Stars came together to race against hunger as a part of Chicago Cares’ Chicago Youth Service Day.

The Race Against Hunger™ is Action Against Hunger’s awesome student initiative that educates students about global hunger and empowers them to become a part of the solution. Throughout the morning, students ran laps around Gage Park to raise money for Action Against Hunger, learned about the ready-to-use therapeutic foods that are used widely for treating children in our nutrition programs, experienced what it’s like to have limited access to water through a jerry can relay, and met with Action Against Hunger staff members to learn even more about the lifesaving work we do.

Students learned about hunger around the world, and gained a vital perspective on the difficulties kids just like them face. Both classroom learning prior to the Race and the Race event itself helped transform these students into global citizens equipped with a well-rounded understanding of global malnutrition and a passion to help us end it.

“After-School All-Stars is proud to partner with Action Against Hunger, in Chicago and other cities across the country. For our students, the Race Against Hunger program is both a means of learning about important global issues, and a fun, active way to be part of a solution. Our students truly enjoy participating and sharing the experience with their peers.”

BJ Lohr, Program Manager, Chicago After-School All-Stars

Later that afternoon, Action Against Hunger was presented with the Chicago Youth Service Day Award for “Best Project by a Community Organization” in conjunction with the Jefferson Awards for Public Service LEAD360 Challenge. The Jefferson Awards for Public Service recognize America’s greatest champions of public service and train the next generation to continue the legacy of service in the country. As a first-time winner of this award, Action Against Hunger was honored to be recognized for its commitment to youth around the world and in the United States specifically through the Race Against Hunger™ program.

Students and youth are the next generation of game-changers in the hunger crisis, and educating and inspiring them to become global citizens and take action is a critical part of our lifesaving work. Whether we're coordinating with 20 students in San Francisco or 200 students on the south side of Chicago, our Community Outreach Team works hand in hand with these superstars to give them the tools and support they need to become hunger fighters!

(Editor's Note: Action Against Hunger's Community Outreach Coordinator, Whitney Smith, also contributed reporting to this post. Thank you for all of your great work on the Race Against Hunger, Ryan & Whitney!)

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