Calyon Employee Scales Mt. Everest in Support of ACF

NY Resident becomes youngest European woman to scale Mt. Everest
NY Resident becomes youngest European woman to scale Mt. Everest.

"I have all my fingers and toes!" exclaimed Sophie Denis upon finishing her ascent of one of the most daunting climbs on planet Earth. Along with her Sherpa Jinpa, Sophie reached the top of Mount Everest on Wednesday, May 21st at approximately 9:00 am local time, 5:15 pm Paris time, 11:15 pm New York time, after a final 12 hour climb.

At 29 years of age, Sophie Denis is the youngest European woman—and only the 4th French woman—to climb the North Face of Mount Everest. She also happens to be the first female New Yorker in the banking industry to attempt this climb. Distinguishing her further, Ms. Denis has decided to partner with the Action Against Hunger to leverage her climb to raise funds and much needed attention for the plight of millions of malnourished around the world. Let us remember that Sir Edmund Hillary, who died January 11th, 2008, managed to climb to the top when he was 55 years old, on May 29th, 1953. He was then 34 years of age. Ms. Denis traveled to Katmandu on March 29th and was slated to reach the Chinese Base Camp on April 6th, 2008.

Ms. Denis will be honored at the upcoming Restaurants Against Hunger Spring Benefit on June 24th in recognition of her commitments to reducing global hunger (not to mention taking the ACF logo where it's never been before!).