Awesome Fundraisers: Su May and Cee Yee

The story of one woman's climb to the Everest base camp.
Everest Base Camp. CC Image courtesy of stevehicks on Flickr
Everest Base Camp. CC Image courtesy of stevehicks on Flickr

Recently, we posted about our 2011 fundraisers—those who have signed up over on our My Action Against Hunger platform and created fundraising web pages to support unique projects. We’re so proud of the community that has grown as the result of this program. It’s one full of inspired ideas and individuals who aren’t afraid to take initiative.

Su May Ang is a Malaysian woman with extraordinary ambition. An IT consultant by day, her inspiration to fundraise came during a business trip.

I was working in South Africa for more than 9 months and saw children dying from hunger on TV. I've always wanted to do something for a charity but hadn't figured out how to do so. I told my friend about my plan to hike to the Everest base camp, and he asked if I planned on doing this for charity. The idea of raising funds began.

The path was set. Su May chose Action Against Hunger as the beneficiary of her incredible efforts, partnered up with her friend Cee Yee, and set about creating an informative and helpful fundraising page.

Su May and Cee Yee found that Facebook and good old word of mouth were the best tools at her disposal for spreading the word about their campaign. Also, Su May had the creative idea to make an ACF tag for the backpack that she carried during the trip. When people asked about it, she explained her fundraising mission.

Although Su May found that some of her Malaysian friends were distrustful of the idea of donating online, she was able to exceed her $2,500 goal. She advises new fundraisers to not give up, even when their friends say no or give reasons why they don’t want to donate. Her perseverance has paid off—she’s raised almost $3,000 to date. We're so grateful to have partnered with Su May while she achieved this incredible goal!