Awesome Fundraisers: Guardian Fall Protection

An example of how a team can accomplish so much.
The Guardian Fall Protection Fundraisers
The Guardian Fall Protection Fundraisers

Recently, we posted about our 2011 fundraisers—those who have signed up over on our My Action Against Hunger platform and created fundraising web pages to support unique projects. We’re so proud of the community that has grown as the result of this program. It’s one full of inspired ideas and individuals who aren’t afraid to take initiative.

It’s truly amazing to see what a group of people can do when they come together united by a common cause. The employees of Guardian Fall Protection, a company in the business of saving lives and preventing injuries through the manufacturing of safety gear designed to prevent falls for construction workers, decided one day to reach out and expand upon the core principles of their business—saving others. This was the birth of the Halo Charity Committee.

This past summer, news of the Horn of Africa drought and food crisis had spread far and wide, and the Halo Committee wanted to get involved in relief efforts. Michael Arcari recommended Action Against Hunger to the committee after a careful vetting process. After signing up on the platform, the work began.

To get people to come to our team page, we sent bi-weekly emails to our employees and vendors detailing the progress of our charitable efforts that included a link to our Action Against Hunger team page. We also provided our employees with flyers and information packets to raise awareness of the Somalia crisis that included information on how to donate online through our team page.

Vendors, customers, and employees took it from there by sharing the link to the page with all of their own friends and family, expanding the network of potential donors. By utilizing the wide variety of fundraising methods and harnessing the power of a team, Guardian Fall Protection was able to raise over $4,000.

Michael, the team captain, recommends that fundraisers consistently communicate with their potential donors about the project, including its goals and progress. He also suggests that one develop creative ways to make the project fun for employees and team members, and that once they're involved, it's a great team building exercise. Also, he told us that having a core team of individuals to act as the anchor of the project is useful—a group that knows the ins and outs of all of the project details that can act as a resource to other team members. We thank Guardian Fall Protection and Michael for their extraordinary efforts!

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