Anderson Cooper Chosen for Action Against Hunger Humanitarian Award

The Award-Winning Anchor to Receive Award for Coverage of Humanitarian Issues
Anderson Cooper
Anderson Cooper at the 2008 Action Against Hunger Gala

The global humanitarian organization Action Against Hunger | ACF International will honor award-winning journalist Anderson Cooper on December 2nd with its 9th annual Action Against Hunger Humanitarian Award.

As a respected television journalist and news anchor, Anderson Cooper’s impassioned reporting has cast a spotlight on a range of vital issues—most notably his coverage of humanitarian emergencies across Africa—as host of CNN’s Anderson Cooper 360° and correspondent for 60 Minutes. Action Against Hunger will honor Mr. Cooper for bringing some of the most glaring humanitarian tragedies into focus for the American public and for his ongoing coverage of key global issues.

“Through his insightful and expansive reporting on humanitarian crises, Anderson Cooper has brought the immediacy of human suffering into the homes of millions of viewers,” states Nan Dale, Executive Director of Action Against Hunger. “But where many other journalists might end with the tragedy, Anderson pushes further to show that there are solutions, there is hope.” His in-depth report for 60 Minutes on Plumpy’nut demonstrates how broadcast journalism can help galvanize public support for effective humanitarian action.

“I’ve been covering humanitarian crises since the early 1990s,” states Anderson Cooper, “and have often been impressed by the work of Action Against Hunger. They are among the first to respond when tragedies unfold, and they work to ensure that communities have a fighting chance to get back on their feet. In addition to the life-saving work CNN viewers have seen covered in Darfur, Action Against Hunger also has teams working in communities all around the globe. The nightly news can often seem overwhelming, but it’s important to remember there are effective ways to fight hunger and overcome poverty, and along with groups like Action Against Hunger, you can become part of the solution.”

The Action Against Hunger Humanitarian Award recognizes individuals who have made substantive contributions to the humanitarian field through philanthropy, public awareness, or their efforts to directly improve conditions for distressed communities. Past recipients have included filmmaker Terry George, Archbishop Desmond Tutu, President Nelson Mandela, Susan Sarandon, Tim and Nina Zagat, Frank McCourt, and Jeff Bridges, among others.

As the first journalist to receive this prestigious award, Anderson Cooper has raised public awareness of human suffering in parts of the world often neglected by broadcast journalism; he has brought international recognition to the valiant efforts of relief organizations like Action Against Hunger; and by helping to build a broader understanding of humanitarian issues, he has made a lasting contribution in the fight against hunger and poverty.