Alameda High School Kicks Off the 2009 Race Against Hunger

Koki Inlow, a student at Alameda High School, shares her experiences organizing the Race Against Hunger at her school.

“I feel very achieved to have organized a Race Against Hunger event at my high school. As Commissioner of Diversity in my first year of leadership, I decided to work with a charity because volunteering and giving help to those in need is a very thoughtful and kind-hearted idea. In this type of economy now, we especially need to support those who are even more in danger than we are. While researching many different charity organizations, I came across Action Against Hunger. Not only being an A+ and four-star corporation, it helps to benefit hunger situations and treats malnutrition throughout the world. Through much planning and organizing, the lap-a-thon was ready on January 24th. With almost 120 participants signed up, I expected at least half to show up because of the dark clouds that came rolling in the morning of the Race. Although only 60-70 altruistic participants came, I believe the event was overall a great success. It was fun exercising and knowing that you’re lending a hand to the world at the same time. Not only was it our school’s first time being involved in an event like this, but we also raised over $1,500 to donate to the Action Against Hunger organization. There will definitely be a second annual Race Against Hunger at Alameda High School.” —Koki Inlow, Student at Alameda High School