Action Against Hunger Wins Award in MetaFest 2008

Action Against Hunger was selected as the "Short - Short Award" winner in MetaFest 2008 for its work World Water Day.

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About MetaFest

Presented by MetaCafe and curated by Microcinema International, MetaFest is a juried online and offline film festival exhibiting the best in international creative and contemporary short-form video entertainment.

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Providing Access to Safe Water

Today some 1.1 billion people have insufficient access to clean drinking water. A startling 2.6 billion people lack proper sanitation. Water-borne illnesses account for some 80% of all communicable diseases, and play a major role in generating malnutrition.

Find out more about Action Against Hunger's efforts to provide clean drinking water to communities faced with water scarcity, unsafe drinking water, inadequate sanitation, and poor hygiene.